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ART. 1

On February 22, 2008, the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, has established the “Monumentalis Ecclesiae Sancti Silvestri Societas”, located in Tivoli, in the Episcopal rectors of St. Sylvester, Piazza S. Sylvester, nr. 1.

ART. 2

The association is apolitical. Not-for-profit or annual membership fees are required except dell’obolo access to the necessary expenses for stationery. Delegations Chapter members who may make an explicit and reasoned request may be exception to this article.

It pursues the following aims:

  • Promote activities of religious, cultural, human and charitable. Increasing awareness among the honored “Papal Orders” and developing the spirit of community service.
  • To publicize and disseminate the History of Monumental Head of the Association and, more generally, the medieval history, fostering conventions, conferences, debates and initiatives proposed as part of the territories where they are located Delegations and Chapter members, however, wherever required, l ‘associations and volunteer organizations.
  • Support spiritually, morally and, where appropriate, economically, the Church, where the headquarters of the Association, taking care to report to the competent authority buildings, palaces and historic buildings abandoned or neglected human neglect or destroyed by time.
  • Encourage charitable works within and outside the diocese, with particular attention to the territory where the delegations arise sott’ordinate chapter or section.
  • If requested, cooperate with civil authorities, military, academic and institutional capacities to promote, support or coordinate ceremonies and events. Will devote particular attention to events that is dealt with by ecclesiastical authorities.
  • Work closely with the dioceses in which they are located Delegations of the Chapter or section, not neglecting to recollect other faiths and religious denominations who did request.

ART. 3

May be admitted as members actual age of the faithful who want to cooperate, according to their means, the aims of the Association. The application must be submitted by a shareholder and guarantor accompanied by curriculum vitae and the certification of an ‘ecclesiastical authority (except for the distinguished Order of the Holy See, the SMOM, the Holy Sepulcher, other orders that already require such certification ) stating a religious life which befits the status of a knight.

In exceptional cases, after hearing the opinion of the Presidency Council, the Rector will proceed to admit honorary roles of the Society of People who do not belong to the Catholic world, we are particularly distinguished works of Humanity and Science. The association agrees to accept, without reservation, the statutory rules and regulations, making their purpose and morally supporting the initiatives undertaken by the Government of the association.

ART. 4

The members of the association are divided into two orders: clergy and laity.

In the first ecclesiastical order, formed by a ‘single class, confluence of the clergy, who will be named “Prelate’s Eve” or “chaplains of St. Sylvester. Their dress is the same color of mozzetta from Church of lay members on the left of which will be affixed the emblem of the “Societas”. Clerics also be given the opportunity to wear the dress of your church members.

The second order is divided into three classes:

Gentlemen and Ladies of St. Sylvester
Knights of St. Sylvester
Benefactors s New Year’s Eve

The members of the first class will be people known for their sound moral, social and human undisputed and whose obvious intellectual and professional help, or have contributed to the growth of the good religious, social and common.

The second class will be part of law all of the honors and awarded the Order of St. Sylvester, or the other Papal Orders, regardless of residence in the territory of the Diocese of Tivoli, provided that attach to the application copy of the Decree of Papal appointment.

The third class may incorporate all those who, on presentation of legitimate ecclesiastical authority or an associate, have demonstrated d ‘religious commitment and social or have contributed substantially to the purposes of the charitable association. The suit provided for ceremonies or official meetings is the dark suit and tie of the same color on a white shirt, on which is affixed the badge of the Association.

The choir dress, or the Church, whose colors are red and black, not mandatory, but recommended only for the purpose of uniformity, it will give right of way, between the members of the above classes, celebrations and / or events with the Rector, requires it to use. The dress, fashioned for other knights and ladies, is a sign of new life and dignity that the member wants to achieve through the efforts of the association; be carried with dignity and respect as a symbol of service and union with Christ and his bride: Church.

ART. 5

Governing body of the Association is the Presidential Council thus formed:

Head of Ceremonial

The Presidency Council shall, for the performance of specific tasks:


the Head of Communications;

Head of External Relations.


ART. 6

With the exception of its founder, who remains in office until his resignation, the appointment of the Rector is the responsibility of the Bishop of the Diocese of Tivoli in whose jurisdiction the headquarters of the monumental church of San Silvestro, headquarters of the Association. The appointment of the Presidential Council shall be the responsibility of the Rector, who, at the end of year term, with all discretion, will present the work and suggestions of members for the purpose of renewal or replacement of office of the presidency.

The Council Chairman is responsible for:
make decisions as a result of the capture of knowledge of the moral and financial report of the Association, approve the budget statement and balance sheet;
write the questions and make requests to the competent authorities according to the needs of association; act on applications for admission of members;
members to discuss the exclusion of unworthiness, in accordance with the provisions in this Statute;
approve the regulation implementing the statute and amendments, additions and additions to the statutory rules;
schedule activities of taking account of the proposals received from the regional delegations and respecting the purposes of the Association;
discuss and approve any other matters relevant to the growth of the “Societas”.


ART. 7

The Presidency Council shall remain in office for three years and its components are re-elected. The Presidency Council shall meet whenever the Chairman deems necessary or require the other Councilors. The resolutions are adopted by majority vote. In case of a tie, the vote of the Rector is double.


ART. 8

The legal representative of the Association responds to the smooth running of the Association both morally and financially, even in derogation of Article. D.c. of 38 . The members of the Presidency Council, the delegates meet the Chapter and Section of the overall smooth running of the Association in their area of influence, where they have taken or made financial commitments on behalf and on behalf of itself.


ART. 9

The Rector-President shall direct the Association and is the Legal Representative. Decide and organize meetings, ceremonies and events (locations, times, modes, decorations, technical equipment, restaurant, menus, charges for supplies and services, Guestlist etc..).

Chancellor replaces the Rector in the event of his absence or temporary impediment, and in all those tasks in which it is expressly delegated by it. Also maintains relations with political authorities, civil and military, assisting the Rector in relations with the ecclesiastical authority.

The Head of Ceremonial by the good performance of ceremonies and events organized by the association. Rector receives from the guest list, which shall keep updated following the release of adhesions and disclaimers; identifies the rank of the guests and assign seats according to precedence. If the ceremonies are held in the headquarters of the Chapter or sectional, coordinates and monitors the activities of local ceremonies. If provided, coordinates the service order. In exercising its mandate, with the consent of the Chancellor, may claim for the service of reception and accommodation of the authorities and guests, employees of his trust, to be identified from time to time.

The Secretary General shall implement the decisions of the President and Council, prepares the minutes of meetings, expected to correspondence as delegated by the Rector.
Provides for executing the various mandates of the Presidency Council.


ART. 10

The Treasurer is in charge of keeping accounts and related documents, prepares the budget and final accounts statements, prepares the financial report on the same and submit everything to the Presidency Council. Provides guidance and advice to the Chancellor for full compliance of tax laws, accounting, administrative and civil law governing economic and financial relations with third parties.

The Manager of Communications by the image of the Association, building relationships with the press and television.

Data for External Relations on the express mandate of the Rector, responsible for contacts with civil bodies, and military. Also will pay special attention to those individuals whose contribution deemed crucial to the success of the purposes of association. While enjoying autonomy of movement, will constantly attended by the Chairman on progress of initiatives and activities undertaken.


ART. 11

The Rector of the “Societas”, “audited” the Presidency Council, will be the “Delegation” the Chapter “regional. The head, or” Delegate chapter “, will have three-year term renewable. In close union with the Presidency, will treat all reports necessary in order to better implement the social goals. For the establishment of a Delegation requires at least twenty five members. To encourage a fuller participation in community life on a motion by Delegate Chapter House, the presidency will be “Delegations of the Chamber” on provincial level.
Inside the delegates can be appointed a secretary and a ceremony which assist their delegates.
Their assignment, which is also three years, will not coincide with the expiry of the delegates.
For the valid exercise of their mandate, the application should be submitted in writing to the Rector and from them, “audited” the Presidency Council approved and communicated to all members of the Region.


ART. 12

The order of precedence in the Association is as follows:

  • Rector-President;
  • Chancellor
  • Head of ceremonies;
  • Secretary-General;
  • Delegates Chapter Members, Delegates of the Chamber, Gentlemen / Ladies, Knights of the Order of St. Sylvester and the other papal orders, Meritorious s who wear the cowl;
  • Delegates Chapter Members, Delegates of the Chamber, Gentlemen / Ladies, Knights of the Order of St. Sylvester and other papal orders, Benefactors / and in civilian clothes.

ART. 13

The order of precedence in the delegation of the Chamber and the Chapter is as follows:

  • CEO;
  • Secretary;
  • Ceremonies.

ART. 14

Admission to Membership is subject to acceptance of the application by the Presidency Council, whose opinion is final and against whose decision no appeal is permitted. E ‘given the opportunity to the Chancellor to proceed independently with the accommodation of new associates, other than those to which the Council rejected the application.


ART. 15

The qualification of members to be entitled to participate in social activities as stipulated in the appropriate regulation. Members have a duty to defend forever the good name of the brotherhood and to observe the rules promulgated by the ecclesiastical institution or by the Council presidency.


ART. 16

All directorships and managerial means free of charge. Absolute prohibition of distribution, even indirectly, of profits, scrap management, funds, reserves or capital during the life of associations.


ART. 17

Members cease to belong to the Association:
– For voluntary departure, sent by registered letter;
– For removal due to conduct is not suited to the “status” of associated or confirmed and obvious violation of church and Christian lifestyle.
– For deportation by the president or at the request of a majority of the Presidency Council ruled against the member who commits actions considered dishonorable, inside and outside the Association, or whose conduct constitutes an obstacle to the good performance of the association. The Member may be expelled repeated after two years provided clear proof of repentance has given and has not suffered convictions.


ART. 18

The Rector-President may convene one or more times a year, the General Assembly of members which will coincide with special religious ceremonies.


ART. 19

The convening of the Assembly with a special invitation will be mailed to the address of all members.


ART. 20

Those assets consist of the shares as a lump sum paid by its members, the contributions of institutions, private individuals, associations, from offerings, bequests, gifts and occasional activities with the objective index for the purposes of association.


ART. 21

In the event of termination or dissolution of the “Societas”, after hearing the local Ordinary, the assets thereof shall be allocated to the monumental Church of San Silvestro.


ART. 22

Anything not provided for in this Statute shall refer to the regulation implementing the statute itself and the rules of canon law and Italian legislation on religious associations.

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