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Dear Visitor,

The Association* was founded with the desire to gather around the old Monumental Church of Saint Sylvester in Tivoli important people with undisputed intellectual depth or of high scientific or human high-profile plus ordinary citizens of goodwill with a strong sense of love for history, for the Arts and a sincere interest in medieval traditions that gave birth to the Orders of Chivalry.


Particularly, the Association aspires to be a special place of aggregation, growth and for the understanding of all Papal awards, with particular attention to the Order of St Sylvester and its members.


While remaining a meeting place for those who have been awarded a Papal Knighthood we also encourage those who would like to join the Association with the intent to nurture and enrich our traditions.


It is important to understand that the Association does not confer chivalric honours which are the soleresponsibility of the Holy See.


Persons with a rich diversity of background and who want to offer a significant spiritual and talented contribution towards what is considered the oldest temple of the Holy City “Tiburtina” are welcome. The same is valid to members of our various worldwide Delegations towards their churches in other parts of Italy or in other countries.


It should be noted that Membership of the Association does not require annual fees but only an initial fee to cover necessary expenses (virtually a Financial Life Membership). However it seeks a moral and spiritual communion with the Association and amongst its members.


If you would like to join the Association rest assured that we offer you a warm welcome.


*Please read our Association’s Constitution on this website.